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Innovation By Design

Marine Exploration Services, LLC is a leading innovator in underwater inspection of pipelines for the oil and gas industry. Utilizing the patented Nova Ray® ROV, and its revolutionary new design, Marine Exploration Services can perform underwater inspections up to five (5) times faster than current methods with greater accuracy at a dramatically lower cost to our customer.

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"Up to Five Times Faster"

than conventional methods

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March 2010 - E&P Magazine

“New ROV Takes Flight”

The SMART Solution for Underwater Pipeline Inspection
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More Info

Underwater pipeline inspections represent a tremendous challenge for oil and gas pipeline owners. Numerous government regulations, severe weather impacts and general pipeline maintenance create numerous inspection requirements in a volatile underwater environment that inflate costs and reduce operating margins as valuable pipelines wait for inspection approvals.


Marine Exploration Services utilizes the patented Nova Ray� ROV, it�s unique design and certified professional pilots to perform mandatory underwater pipeline inspections with much greater Speed, Maneuverability, Availability, Reduced Cost and superior Technology. We call this our SMART Solution.